‘Forced Out’ Survey Results

In February 2015, we decided to conduct a survey of our members to find out if they and their children were considering leaving public schools, and if they were leaving public schools, was this departure by choice or did they feel “forced out.” But more importantly, we wanted to hear from them as to why they were contemplating alternatives to public schools and leaving.

We received a total of 236 responses over a 7-day period. The information was collected by BC Parents of Special Needs Children – Action to Access for Equitable Education through a web-based survey. Most parents of special needs children in public schools were never reached by the survey. The intention was to give our members a platform to share their experiences and give credence to a serious issue that requires a response from the Ministry of Education.

An infographic summarizing the results can be found below. Read the full report.

SPED Advocacy Infographic (1)


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One thought on “‘Forced Out’ Survey Results

  1. Wow. I missed this survey, but we would certainly have added to the dismal stats. I was invited to speak at the Victoria F.A.C.E. rally on Sunday and bring forward the perspective of a parent of a child with special needs. Outside my comfort zone, but a good opportunity so I accepted.


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