Guest Post: The Paper Bag

This is a powerful message from Kim McLeod, originally shared on her public Facebook page. Please read and share widely.

Author: Kim McLeod

This is published with permission from the author. This post was originally published on her public Facebook page HERE.

Open letter to the schools, to the administrations, teachers, support staff and students

The Paper Bag

It is graduation year for my son and the students were at the annual day away at a local camp to celebrate their end of year and their time spent completing their journey through middle and high school .

I arrived to pick up my son and his nurse from this activity and there were happy students everywhere! They were taking pictures, playing games, and talking. Teacher stood around talking as well, everyone smiled. It was a beautiful, fun filled day.

I found my son at the centre of the main room flanked by his wheelchair on one side and his nurse on the other as he received some medication. All…

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